The CityLife Weekly

03 Jun

5-20-13 The CityLife Weekly


Hey everyone!

Here are a few thoughts and upcoming things that are important for the CityLife family this week.

1. Thanks to all of our CityLife partners!  Every Sunday, tons of people show up early (and others leave late) in order to serve all the people who come to CityLife on a given Sunday.  To all of you who serve in one of our LifeTeams, LifeKids, worship and creative teams, all of you are the best!

2. We have a calendar!  What this means is that we have actually put down dates to a whole lot of stuff that we are going to do this summer.  I am SO EXCITED for what is going to happen.  In the next week we will be publishing all the dates for this summer.  It’s going to be good!

3. Did you miss a Sunday message?  If you want to check out one of our Sunday messages, feel free to visit our CityLife resources page (click here) to check them out.

4. Father’s Day @ CityLife!  This upcoming Father’s Day (June 16th), we will be having an amazing day.  Games, prizes, a car show, and more!  Start right now and invite fathers to come on that day! (As an aside, we published the wrong date in the bulletin.  June 16th IS the correct day)

5. Wednesday Night LIVE! This Wednesday we will be getting together at our LifeCenter for a time of worship, prayer, and to listen to what God is doing in the country of India!  We will have Charles Daniel, a missionary who God is using in the country of India to bring hope to many!  Join us at 7pm.  You can find our LifeCenter address here.

6. Have you “liked” our Facebook page yet?  If you haven’t, then you are missing out!  We are constantly putting a verse, an encouragement, or an announcement there so that you can be blessed!  Click here to go to our page.

7. Oklahoma Response Team!  I mentioned on Sunday that I felt strongly by the Lord that we need to send a team to Oklahoma to help them in whatever they need.  We are planning on leaving anywhere from a week (next Monday) to a month from today.  I will have more information by tomorrow for those who are interested in going.  Many expressed an interest and I’m excited about helping!

8. This Sunday at CityLife we will be talking about the Power of Offense. I was struck by the fact that many people live with a lot of brokenness in their relationships because of their choice to stay offended about things that happen.  Let’s deal with this one on Sunday.  It’s important and it’s going to be good!  Invite someone!

Wow!  We’ve got a lot going on!  Again, I am so thankful to all of you who give your heart and soul to help us serve the City of Los Angeles.  Thanks for inviting your friends to be a part of this church!  We’ve got great days ahead!

Be blessed!

Pastor Jeff


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