The Spotlight

14 Jun


Here’s my roundup of some news stories that I think will interest you.  Enjoy the reading!

1. Census: White majority in U.S. gone by 2043

Our country is changing and is becoming more and more diverse.  I do not necessarily believe that it is becoming “mono-ethnically” diverse (as in ethnicities staying “pure” without mixing with other ethnicities).  The reality is that inter-marriage happens and some of the “lines” get blurred over time.  Either way, the study is interesting and shows how much our country is changing in a relatively short period of time.

2. Where I Find My Creative Ideas by Phil Cooke

To all of you people who do creative work out there and to all who would like to do creative work, this is a helpful  post.  I use Feedly also (as he mentions in his post), and his other ideas are definitely worth it.  Take a read.

3. Iran votes for a new president

This will be something that is interesting to watch in the coming days.  Regardless of the political implications between Iran and the U.S., this election will also have an impact on the Middle East.  Definitely something to keep our eyes on!

4. Immigration

Regardless of your political beliefs, the immigration bill presently being debated in the Senate affects millions of people in our country and very likely affects people in your home, your neighborhood, your school, your church, etc.  Our system is broken and it does need to be fixed.  Will this bill fix it?  We shall see!  Regardless of what happens, people who I know and love will be impacted by this legislation.  Let’s keep watching and praying!

5. How much would you pay for a parking spot?

You will be amazed by how much this woman in Boston paid for 2 parking spots.  Click on the link above to find out the amount!

6. What do you do if you’re afraid of heights?

Typically, going somewhere high up in altitude is the exact opposite of what you do when you are afraid of heights.  Apparently for this Austrian man, going high is the answer.  Check it out!

7. How do you capture a runaway llama?

So, what do you do when a llama is running away from you and poses a danger to itself and others?  Besides attempting to play your own version of a rodeo or putting it down permanently, there must be another way.  These sheriff’s deputies found a way to make it happen.

That’s it for this week.  Happy reading!


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