Why Do Problems Exist?

18 Jul

I love Words With Friends. If you haven’t played it, you are missing out!

I grew up with Scrabble, so I can’t get enough of this game. And, the cool part is that you can play multiple people all the time.

The key to playing the game well is not simply the types of letters you get, but the placement of those letters on the board.

(The above comment is your free game advice for the day)

There are times where I get stuck. I don’t have the letters or the positioning I want, so I’m not quite sure what to do. There are three things that I’ve discovered to solving the problem of being stuck.

1. Take a break. I have noticed that when I walk away from a game a bit, then return later, I come back with a fresh set of eyes and see things in a way I hadn’t before. Do this with your own problems. Many times it is the lack of perspective or the incorrect perspective that keeps us from solving problems. Step away, then return and look again!

2. Press forward, looking at all the options. I have noticed that sometimes I’m not giving my full attention. I’m distracted by things around me or thoughts inside of me. There are times where instead of walking away, we need to give a problem focused attention. Dig in, press forward, get the ideas going!

3. Do the best you can, then MOVE ON Sometimes, I find myself in a situation that despite my best efforts, there is simply nothing I can do. So, I do my best with what I have, then wait for the next round. Sometimes certain problems are NOT resolved according to our satisfaction. At that point, we must learn to let go and move forward. It would be worse to stay stuck.

These things have helped me get to an average of about 26 points per word. I’m beating everyone on the average, except for my brother Jordan….I guess there’s always someone who is smarter! Thanks a lot brother!!!

So, why do problems exist? They exist to be confronted!

Notice that I didn’t say “solved” or “resolved”. Now, I believe many problems do get resolved. But, the growth that we experience as people is not in the resolution of the problems we face, but in the process of dealing with those problems.

As we confront our problems…

We grow.

We learn.

We depend on others.

We take risks.

We throw fear aside.

This is why it is so important to deal with problems. Our growth as people depends on it!

Go confront something today!

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