The CityLife Weekly

5-20-13 The CityLife WeeklyHey everyone!

After taking a break for a few weeks from blogging, I’m back!  A lot has been going on with CityLife and I am extremely excited about this upcoming season in our church.  So, here are some notes!

1. Thanks for inviting! So many of you have been inviting family members and friends to come to CityLife and it has been great.  Let’s keep it up.  There are still so many people who need to experience the love of Jesus.

2. Our LifeGroups are awesome! In conjunction with our current series called “Hello?”, where we are talking about communication with God, we also have special teaching that is only happening in our groups.  Reports have been great about what people are learning and experiencing in the groups.  God is good!

3. Our current series “Hello?” has been amazing! I feel so strongly about what we have been talking about the last few weeks.  If you haven’t heard the messages, or if you missed one, check them out here!

4. Vision Night is coming up on September 8th! We will have food, music, teaching, baptisms, and we will be praying over and sending out our first ever church plant from CityLife!  It will be an amazing night.  If you want to get baptized, let us know on Sunday and we will get you ready for it.

5. Dodgers! For those of you who signed up and are ready to go to the Dodgers game, this is for you!  We are going to have a great time.  And, I’m so proud of how many tickets you guys got both for people from inside and also those outside of CityLife.  It will be a great time of community, fun, fireworks, and hopefully a win by the Dodgers!

Be blessed CityLife!  I am thankful for all of you!

Pastor Jeff

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What If?

7-25-13 What If

What if?

What if I hadn’t made that bad decision when I was younger?

What if that opportunity had been given to me instead of someone else?

What if I had grown up in another family?

What if God had told me to do something different than what I am doing now?

What if I had married somebody else?

What if I had one kid instead of 2, or 4, or 10?

What if?

What if I choose to make the right decision today?

What if I take the opportunities I’ve been given and do my best in them?

What if I love the family that God has given me?

What if I thank God for where he has placed me and ask him to give me dreams for what is coming?

What if I dedicate myself to the one I married and give all I am to make it the best it can be?

What if I celebrate the kids I have and give everything to love them?

Choose your “What if’s” today.  One set deals with the past, which is the unchangeable.  The other set deals with the present and future, which has amazing potential.

It’s your choice.

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Why Do Problems Exist?

I love Words With Friends. If you haven’t played it, you are missing out!

I grew up with Scrabble, so I can’t get enough of this game. And, the cool part is that you can play multiple people all the time.

The key to playing the game well is not simply the types of letters you get, but the placement of those letters on the board.

(The above comment is your free game advice for the day)

There are times where I get stuck. I don’t have the letters or the positioning I want, so I’m not quite sure what to do. There are three things that I’ve discovered to solving the problem of being stuck.

1. Take a break. I have noticed that when I walk away from a game a bit, then return later, I come back with a fresh set of eyes and see things in a way I hadn’t before. Do this with your own problems. Many times it is the lack of perspective or the incorrect perspective that keeps us from solving problems. Step away, then return and look again!

2. Press forward, looking at all the options. I have noticed that sometimes I’m not giving my full attention. I’m distracted by things around me or thoughts inside of me. There are times where instead of walking away, we need to give a problem focused attention. Dig in, press forward, get the ideas going!

3. Do the best you can, then MOVE ON Sometimes, I find myself in a situation that despite my best efforts, there is simply nothing I can do. So, I do my best with what I have, then wait for the next round. Sometimes certain problems are NOT resolved according to our satisfaction. At that point, we must learn to let go and move forward. It would be worse to stay stuck.

These things have helped me get to an average of about 26 points per word. I’m beating everyone on the average, except for my brother Jordan….I guess there’s always someone who is smarter! Thanks a lot brother!!!

So, why do problems exist? They exist to be confronted!

Notice that I didn’t say “solved” or “resolved”. Now, I believe many problems do get resolved. But, the growth that we experience as people is not in the resolution of the problems we face, but in the process of dealing with those problems.

As we confront our problems…

We grow.

We learn.

We depend on others.

We take risks.

We throw fear aside.

This is why it is so important to deal with problems. Our growth as people depends on it!

Go confront something today!

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Costco Ice Cream

6-19-13 CostcoLogo

Last night, our family had a night out at the luxurious and refined food location known as Costco.

Who can beat a hot dog and drink for $1.50?

While eating at our table, the following conversation ensued:

Child of Mine (COM): Can we have ice cream after we eat?

Me: I don’t know, but regardless, you haven’t eaten all of your food.  There’s no way I’m giving you ice cream if you don’t eat your food.  In fact, your other siblings have eaten more than you.

COM: Ok.  (this child begins to eat their food)

(Some time passes)

Me: Good job eating!

COM: My stomach aches.

(A little while later)

COM: Can I have ice cream?

Me: I thought you said your stomach ached?  Besides, ice cream will probably not be good if your stomach is upset.

Child of Mine #2 (COM2): (thinking that I said that ice cream would help an upset stomach)  My stomach is hurting too!

Me: Oh, well, I said that ice cream will NOT be good for an upset stomach.

COM2: (immediately) Oh, well, my stomach is all better now.

COM: Mine too.

Me: I still never promised you ice cream!

Apparently, people will shift their attitudes and feelings if the benefit is worth it.  In this case, an upset stomach wasn’t enough to stop them from wanting to get an ice cream.

All of us have benefits and rewards that we are willing to sacrifice for.  It’s the carrot on the stick that is in front of all of us.

All of this is acceptable and even desirable.

But, true satisfaction lies somewhere else.

It lies in the journey, not just the destination.

Work for the purpose of making money is enjoyable and acceptable.  Work for the enjoyment of that work brings satisfaction, regardless of that paycheck.

Forming relationships for the purpose of mutual benefit is enjoyable and acceptable.  Forming relationships for the enjoyment of those relationships brings satisfaction, regardless of the benefits.

Loving God, knowing that you will be blessed by Him is enjoyable and acceptable.  Loving God for the enjoyment of loving him brings true and real satisfaction, regardless of his blessings.

On this point, I think too many people see God simply as someone who will answer their prayers and give them what they want.  While this can and does happen, God is more interested in intimacy with us, which causes us to be ultimately satisfied!

The carrot on the stick isn’t bad, but some things in life are good enough as they are, regardless of the benefits received from them.

Enjoy life!

*By the way, for purposes of full disclosure, we did not get the ice cream.  My kids were happy nonetheless!  That’s because when I tell my kids what to do, they obey completely, with the best attitude possible.  My kids are quite possibly the greatest of God’s creations.  Oh, you didn’t get kids like mine?  Your kids fight, whine, and cry?  I’ll pray for you.  (/sarcasm)


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The Father’s Day Video

If you wanted to see the great video that we showed at CityLife on Sunday, here it is!  Emotional, funny, interesting, and definitely honoring of dad’s everywhere!  Enjoy.

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The Spotlight


Here’s my roundup of some news stories that I think will interest you.  Enjoy the reading!

1. Census: White majority in U.S. gone by 2043

Our country is changing and is becoming more and more diverse.  I do not necessarily believe that it is becoming “mono-ethnically” diverse (as in ethnicities staying “pure” without mixing with other ethnicities).  The reality is that inter-marriage happens and some of the “lines” get blurred over time.  Either way, the study is interesting and shows how much our country is changing in a relatively short period of time.

2. Where I Find My Creative Ideas by Phil Cooke

To all of you people who do creative work out there and to all who would like to do creative work, this is a helpful  post.  I use Feedly also (as he mentions in his post), and his other ideas are definitely worth it.  Take a read.

3. Iran votes for a new president

This will be something that is interesting to watch in the coming days.  Regardless of the political implications between Iran and the U.S., this election will also have an impact on the Middle East.  Definitely something to keep our eyes on!

4. Immigration

Regardless of your political beliefs, the immigration bill presently being debated in the Senate affects millions of people in our country and very likely affects people in your home, your neighborhood, your school, your church, etc.  Our system is broken and it does need to be fixed.  Will this bill fix it?  We shall see!  Regardless of what happens, people who I know and love will be impacted by this legislation.  Let’s keep watching and praying!

5. How much would you pay for a parking spot?

You will be amazed by how much this woman in Boston paid for 2 parking spots.  Click on the link above to find out the amount!

6. What do you do if you’re afraid of heights?

Typically, going somewhere high up in altitude is the exact opposite of what you do when you are afraid of heights.  Apparently for this Austrian man, going high is the answer.  Check it out!

7. How do you capture a runaway llama?

So, what do you do when a llama is running away from you and poses a danger to itself and others?  Besides attempting to play your own version of a rodeo or putting it down permanently, there must be another way.  These sheriff’s deputies found a way to make it happen.

That’s it for this week.  Happy reading!


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The CityLife Weekly

5-20-13 The CityLife Weekly


Hey CityLife!

We had a great week this last week and lots is coming up with us!  So, here’s the update!

1. The Power of Offense.  This last Sunday, I talked about the power of offense.  The idea was that it is impossible for someone to offend us…we can only “take” offense.  This was an important distinction to understand so that we could walk in freedom from offense.  When I asked for hands raised to see who was dealing with offense in their lives, multitudes of hands went up.  We were able to pray for those who found themselves in those situations.  God is good!

2. Trip to Oklahoma.  We will be taking a trip to Oklahoma to help in the recovery efforts during the last week of June.  We will leave on Sunday, June 23rd, or early Monday morning, June 24th.  We will return late on Thursday, June 27th.  If you are interesting in joining us, shoot me an email at!

3. Father’s Day is Sunday.  You need to invite EVERY father (and their families) that you know.  It is going to be great.  The rundown is the following: car show, competitions (with prizes), barbecue, and more!  Join us!  Also, with this Father’s Day, I will be continuing our Entourage series and talk about forgiveness.  It’s an important topic and I believe that on this Father’s Day God will bring SALVATION and HEALING to countless people.  Let’s do it!

6-13-13 CityLife Weekly (Father's Day Announcement)


4. Summer is beginning!  And, there is a lot going on at CityLife.  Check out the flyer below for more information!

6-13-13 (

That’s it for today!  I’m so excited for what this summer has to bring!  It’s gonna be good!

Pastor Jeff


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