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10 most Popular Posts of 2011

Hey everyone!

By the number of page views, I thought I would put up the 10 most popular posts I have had so far this year.  I am doing this so that you will look at them more, increase my stats, and make me feel even better about myself.

Or maybe not.

No matter the reason, if you are interested in checking them out, here they are!

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4.     This is Me, For Her

5.     Keep Moving

6.     Pornography

7.     Is Christianity the “Right” Religion? Part I

8.     Please Remove Shoes Before Playing

9.     The Power of Vision

10.    My Thoughts on Bin Laden

Thanks for reading!

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Keep Moving

The other day, Evelyn and I were on a date…kind of.  David is still very young (just a few months old), so he joined us on our date.  He’s too young to remember anything anyways!  After we ate at a restaurant, we stopped by a store.  When we left the store and put David in the car, he started crying, and crying, and crying.

So, superdad came to the rescue.  I did everything I knew how to do.  Pacifier, stroking him, speaking to him, and more.  NONE OF IT WORKED. I finally resigned myself to the fact that we would have to endure a car ride with his whines and cries.



And that, my friends, is why many of you may find yourself stuck and in pain from time to time.  You have stopped moving.

Even doctors will say that a person with arthritis needs to move, so the condition doesn’t get worse.  A person who is recovering in the hospital needs to start moving as soon as possible (even if it’s a small amount), because their recovery will be much quicker.

Some people are trying to figure out their purpose in life and what they are supposed to do with their lives.  So, they wait, read books, listen to speakers and pastors, go to seminars and conferences, all in a feeble attempt to figure out what they should do.

Here’s the answer: Do something! Do anything!

Just get yourself moving.

Don’t wait for the answer to come.  Don’t sit there applying all of your same old fixes to the same old problem.  Get moving today and you just might start to see some changes happen.

It is in the act of moving that you figure out who you are, what you are like, and what it will take to get where you need to be going.

Preparation is good, but stalling isn’t!  There is no point in filling a gas tank more if the car is not going to move.  You already have something inside of you.  Choose to use it today and you will see where you will go next!


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