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I’m Moving!

I’m moving!

Not houses, cities, or churches.

My blog is moving!

You might have noticed that I have been blogging much less in the past few months.  I took a break and also did some planning so that I could better situate myself for blogging in the future.

The end result is this: I have my own domain available now where my new blog posts will be hosted.

Visit and you are there!

Also, to check out my intro post over on the new blog, please read “Welcome to my New and Improved Blog”!

It’s been great being here at  Now, my new blog will be powered by  It allows me some more versatility and opportunities for growth.

Would you join me and subscribe to my new blog?

This blog will remain available with all of the old posts…so feel free to read and re-read any time you want!

See you there!

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10 most Popular Posts of 2011

Hey everyone!

By the number of page views, I thought I would put up the 10 most popular posts I have had so far this year.  I am doing this so that you will look at them more, increase my stats, and make me feel even better about myself.

Or maybe not.

No matter the reason, if you are interested in checking them out, here they are!

1.     The Announcement

2.     CityLife Church

3.     Is Christianity the “Right” Religion? Part II

4.     This is Me, For Her

5.     Keep Moving

6.     Pornography

7.     Is Christianity the “Right” Religion? Part I

8.     Please Remove Shoes Before Playing

9.     The Power of Vision

10.    My Thoughts on Bin Laden

Thanks for reading!

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