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That New Car Smell

A couple of people I know recently bought new cars. I love new cars! (who doesn’t?)

As I leaned in to each of their cars to take a look, I immediately got the whiff of that new car smell. There is nothing like it! It is quite possibly one of the top 20 experiences on planet earth.

I’m not sure where it falls on the list of top 20, but it’s in there somewhere!

Either way, it reminded me of a recent experience. My car was extremely dirty and it had been ages since I had washed it. I decided to take it to one of those drive thru car washes.

They gave me three options…you know these: the normal one, the deluxe one, then the your-car-is-amazing-and-you-need-a-top-of-the-line-car-wash. Fr one time in my life, I decided on the third option.

Te cool thing was that for a couple of dollars more I got some cleaner for the inside of my car and some air freshener.

Air freshener!

The last air freshener I had in my car was one from Christmas that had lost is scent about 5 years ago.

Yes…you read that correctly. The Santa Clause air freshener was hanging on my rear view mirror for 5 years!

Back to the car wash.

They gave me a choice of six or seven different scents. Cherry. Lemon. New car.

Yes. There is a new car smell air freshener! This world is more amazing than I thought!

Either way, I chose the lemon scented air freshener. But, after taking a smell in some new cars, I know which one I’m going for next time.

Here’s what all of this reminded me of. We all make promises about that new car smell. We say, “I’m going to do everything possible to keep this smell in my car”. But, inevitably, at some point, it goes away.

And the same is true of life. The new gets old. The promises we make to keep certain things going never happen.

Promises, like:

I’ll read my Bible every day.
I’ll pray two hours a day.
I’ll give more to the church.
I’ll stop yelling as much.
I’ll hang out with my kids more.
I’ll save money.

We do well for a bit, then we fail. It goes away.

Can we get it back?


Jesus is the one who makes us new. And, unlike a regular air freshener that only masks the old car smell, Jesus makes us completely new again.





Go to Jesus today. He doesn’t disappoint!


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