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10 most Popular Posts of 2011

Hey everyone!

By the number of page views, I thought I would put up the 10 most popular posts I have had so far this year.  I am doing this so that you will look at them more, increase my stats, and make me feel even better about myself.

Or maybe not.

No matter the reason, if you are interested in checking them out, here they are!

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Thanks for reading!

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A couple days ago, congressman Anthony Weiner confessed to having sent racy photos of himself over twitter. He is not the first, and will definitely not be the last.

What has interested me is not his case in particular, but the questions that have come after his revelation. Some have asked what caused him to commit these lewd actions. Others have asked whether his actions (including “sexting”) would be considered as cheating on his spouse.

These questions reveal the battles that our society is dealing with. I watched a few minutes of “The View” on ABC while they talked about (debated) these questions. I did not find ANY of their answers particularly convincing (even though they represent various political opinions).

So, my answer is simple: PORNOGRAPHY.

Yes, pornography.

Let me explain.

Pornography has been accepted by the majority in our society. Many say that it is good and helps marriages. I OBVIOUSLY DISAGREE. But, today my point is this: if looking at pornographic material and finding “pleasure” through that is acceptable, then sending pictures of oneself to an unknown person is not too far off.

The reality is that both actions are simply substitutes for real intimacy in monogamy. Because we, as a society, have accepted pornography as normal, we have opened the door to accept everything else as normal.

The only problem is that most everyone FEELS there is something wrong with everything that has happened.


The  issue with cheating (and actually everything that’s wrong) begins not with the actions, but with the heart.

Jesus says some interesting words. In Matthew 5:28 NLT, Jesus says,

“But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

See that? Adultery begins in the heart. My friends, this is the standard that God set for all humanity. And, this clarifies the position we should have about all these other things.

Pornography?     CHEATING.

Sexting?     CHEATING.

“Emotional” affair?     CHEATING

Sending racy photos over Twitter?     CHEATING.

Need I go on? The question becomes for all of us: Where is my heart at?

And if you’re single, your fidelity applies to Christ and your future husband/wife. Besides, if you don’t learn self control now, you won’t exercise self control once you’re married. If you can easily move from relationship to relationship now, why will that end once you’re married?

These issues are not confusing when looking through the lense of heart attitude. We must ask God to give us pure hearts. We must seek people out with whom we can have authentic relationships and be honest about our struggles. We must do whatever it takes to protect ourselves from sin and temptation.

I hope this post brings clarity. May each of you be blessed with a pure heart!


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