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The CityLife Weekly

Hey everybody!

This has been a great week! We had our Dodger game this last weekend and we had a great Sunday together. Lots of good things are happening and I am so excited.

So, let’s get right to it!

1. Wednesday Night Live TONIGHT! We will meet together at 7pm tonight for a time of communion, prayer, an encouraging word, and celebrating volunteers. Meet with us at 10859 Burbank Blvd. See you there!

2. Vision Night! What do you do when you put a food truck, a special service, a talk about the future of our church and much more all together? Vision Night! This Sunday at 5pm at East Valley High School. Do not miss this! (Our morning services continue as planned.)

3. Baptisms! There is nothing quite like baptisms. This Sunday at our Vision Night celebration, we will also have baptisms. Various people are already confirmed. If you want to get baptized, send me an email at

Let’s continue our week placing our trust and confidence in Jesus. He is good!

Be blessed!

Pastor Jeff

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Product or People?

I live and breathe the world of “church”.

From leadership development, to preaching and teaching, to running weekly services, to running ministries and so much more, there is a lot to do!

It is really easy to lose sight of people and put focus on the product.

It is easy to allow the development of the product to become the goal.  When that happens, the product takes the place of people.

And, when that occurs, the product loses its power and potential, because it has become an end to itself.

We should constantly readjust our reality to reflect the idea that products are simply tools to be used to help people.

The goal always has been and always should be…PEOPLE!

As church leaders, we need to always remember that what we offer people (weekly services, preaching and teaching, ministries, etc) is no substitute for personal relationship.

All the things that we offer should be used as tools that drive us back into relationship to love, care for, disciple, mentor, and live life with others.

It’s all about people!

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A Note to CityLife

Hey everyone!

I’m so thankful for the opportunity to serve the great people who call CityLife Church home and to be able to serve the community of Nor Hollywood and the City of Los Angeles.

I wanted to write a post of a few things I’m thankful and excited for. Here goes!

1. Thanks for coming out and serving our community on Thanksgiving Day. We had over 70 volunteers serve meals to over 220 families. Combined, that means we served around 1,000 people total! We more than doubled what we did in 2011

2. This last Sunday was great! Los of new faces, an incredible time in worship and a great spirit in the room while I preached. More people are coming than ever before!

3. Thanks to our Creative Team for the work on the Gratitude Wall and to all of you for posting on it the things you’re thankful for!

4. I’m so excited for this Sunday! We are dedicating babies, speaking to Sam Tolle (my cousin) who is a missionary to Cambodia, and starting a Christmas series called “The Beginning”. Don’t miss it…and as always, invite a friend!

5. I’m thankful to pastor such a generous church (generosity one of our core values)! Continue to pray about what the Lord would have you give on December 16th to reach our goal of $30,000…NOT for a building, but rather to BUILD God’s kingdom!

You guys are the best!

Much love!

Pastor Jeff

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